With seven years and five projects under its belt, has successfully completed its mission: To evangelize the benefits (and demonstrate the viability and security) of large-scale Internet-based grid computing. Therefore, it is with great pride for all the accomplishments of this pioneering resource, and above all with the utmost gratitude to each of our members around the globe, that we announce will be retiring on Friday, April 27, 2007.

We’ll be making a public announcement on the site later this week, but we felt it was important to give you, our loyal member base, an early heads-up out of respect for the years of support you’ve given to This way you’ll have time to gather final statistics, exchange contact info, and prepare for the official shutdown.

What exactly is happening:
At 12:00 noon Central Time on Friday, April 27, will retire: Jobs will stop running, forums will be closed, and the website will be updated to reflect the retired status of this resource. We will leave the actual servers up for 1 week, so agent messages about this action can continue to be sent to members around the globe who might not check forums regularly. We will also leave the Stats up for one week so you have plenty of time to gather this data. After that, only the Home and Projects pages will remain, along with the instructions for uninstalling the agent ( ).

Why? has completed its established mission to prove the benefits and viability of Internet-based grid computing. was the largest and most ambitious public interest grid venture ever attempted when it was conceived – and thanks to (and more specifically to all of you), today such a grid is no longer a novelty. Many public grids are now available, sponsored by large organizations better positioned to provide support to millions of member volunteers and the scientists who leverage their processing power. So, with the underlying technologies now well established globally in both public and private research programs,’s goal of establishing the underlying technology has been achieved.

But what about…
We realize that over the past few months, has made several announcements about upgrades coming in anticipation of a couple of new projects that we were working on. While we were fairly optimistic about these projects being launched, they ultimately fell through for a number of reasons. We realize that many of you had looked forward to participating in a beta program ahead of launching these projects, and we’re sorry you won’t have that opportunity.

Moving on: Where to go from here?
It’s clear from your years of loyalty to that Internet-based research projects of this kind are important to you… and so we’re sure many of you will take your valuable resources to other projects of this kind that are ready and willing to accept you as new members.

Below are just a few of the projects we encourage you to investigate:
> World Community Grid ( ), operated by IBM
> ( ), operated by
> Compute Against Cancer ( ), operated by National Cancer Institute
> Folding@Home ( ), operated by Stanford University
> fightAIDS@Home ( ), operated by Olson Lab at Scripps Research Institute
> LHC@home ( ), operated by CERN
> Distributed Folding ( ), operated by a group of partners including Hogue Bioinformatics Research Lab, Mount Sinai Hospital, and University of Toronto
> SETI@home ( ), operated by University of California at Berkeley

Also, here are a few great sites to visit to learn more about these and other projects:


Uninstalling the agent
The agent will no longer be processing work after Friday at noon, so you will want to uninstall it from your home device. Here’s how: . Some more explicit instructions, including Troubleshooting, will be posted online Friday when actually retires.

Last but not least
As we’ve tried to emphasize not only in this announcement but throughout our years of operations, we are fully aware of the debt of gratitude we owe to all of you, our loyal members.

The excellent work has done, both in contributing massive research power to critical health research and in establishing this kind of research as viable, would not have been possible without your faith, efforts, and donations of compute power and goodwill. There is no superlative high enough to describe the value we place on your ongoing support for, and so we simply say Thank you, and we hope you feel as proud as we do of the work you’ve done.

The Team

轉去wcg 嗎?會又開group定join人地?如果join其他~~我去玩folding@home
我ps3 到 create jor team 係 folding@home


要唔要uninstall ud 個果software??


PC Infinity (HK)

原帖由 電親個腦 於 2007-4-28 02:36 發表
唔夠ram 跑Help Defeat Cancer project


原帖由 Error_404 於 2007-4-30 22:35 發表

所有 project 都係咁 , 懷疑 Kaspersky 搞過

我部機 CPU 同 Ram 都通過嚴格測試

reinstall 過 WCG 都係咁
你同我一樣~~後尾我發覺係kav~~block jor wgc
當wgc send or recevie 資料時佢就block~~要add佢入trust zone先得~~

原帖由 天下布武 於 2007-5-1 17:05 發表


其實kav 好q煩~~咩都block
以前ud又係咁~~好似當佢毒定傳輸overun~~會彈個小window出來~~比你choice deny or skip~~同埋add trust zone.........

原帖由 Error_404 於 2007-5-2 11:16 發表

個 task 行左 49 hrs , 仲係 22 % !

係kav block~~我上次行半個hr~~見重係3%先覺怪~~睇返kav~~原來block jor
我要close一次wgc~~再開不久kav就彈個window出來~~再add trust zone~~依家都無事了

我用kav 6 ~~~~~~可能你新版block得更勁

一轉新project kav 又block 佢.........

原帖由 Error_404 於 2007-5-5 15:09 發表
洗左 kav , 即刻行到 WCG
我要disable 佢~~online時再開返.......



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不如挑IBM Hong Kong
我見有task 可以join來挑機

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http://www.worldcommunitygrid.or ... ays=0&pageNum=1

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咁click晒d task 制霸晒佢先


IBM D人其實係咪唔多理~

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PC Infinity 這個小小的地方竟然上了香港第一!

我覺得我地應該改改個 logo 或加個 banner 慶祝!
加返句hk number 1

Team:           Points Generated:
          IBM Hong Kong         41,825,946
          PC Infinity (HK)         14,576,848