Dear all,

The final battle field has come, we'll face all the luckys from the whole world!

Please take a look on Teh, they've declared war to lucky7ro. FiT has made the first step to hit lucky!

now, Guardian will move forword to assist FiT to win over the battlewith lucky! please get ready and wait for my order! our enemies are inSW area, we need to be awear of them!

besides, we have a nice team work on attacking Serendipity. he's no wayto attack anyone of us now. so, please stop to attack him and focus onour main targets. they are lucky7ro, lucky7sw, lucky7sw2, lucky7sw3 andlucky7sp.

we are not fighting alone. we have so many great allied. they will help us to victory!

with regards,

岩啦~ 剷lum佢地
Lucky 都有呢日 la